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Memorial to the RCAF

The Golden Hawk Sabre Jet located on brockville’s Waterfront is a war memorial for Royal Canadian Air Force members who have lost their lives and have served Canada. The memorial features a Canadair CF86 Mark VI aircraft on a concrete pedestal with a small plaque. The small plaque lists the names of 76 RCAF members who lost their lives. 

The monument was constructed in 1968 and has undergone some repairs in 2005. An engineering report in 2020 recommended that the pedestal the airplane rests on be replaced with a new pile foundation. 

The cost for the replacement of the pier and foundation was tendered and determined to be well in excess of the project budget. The total project budget including landscaping and aesthetics is $150,000


Memorial to the RCAF

An innovative solution was required to keep the project on-budget. Engineering solutions are often confined by the limitations of budgets and have the flexibility to propose innovative solutions.

Our team recommended reinforcing the pier with carbon fibre strips.

The initial engineering estimate to wrap the column with carbon fibre came to $55,000. Carbon Fibre Strips are often used for seismic reinforcing of concrete structure such as bridge piers and critical infrastructure. 

By wrapping the a concrete column in GFRP, the axial strength can be increased by up to 30%. The GFRP will compress the concrete similar to a post-tensioning system. Compressed concrete performs better due it’s ability to resist tensile forces. The carbon fibre and epoxy will also help by waterproofing the pier and limiting the amount of corrosion due to water penetration. 

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Rebar Scanning by XRADAR


Most of the documentation from 1968 is no longer available. In order to determine the existing rebar layout and inform the rehabilitaiton design, a radar scan of the pier was necessary. 

Xradar sent a team to use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) survey methods to determine the internal rebar arrangement and detect and voids or corrosion. 

The results determined that the pier was in good condition and no voids, cracks or corrosion was detected on the inside. 

If you have to determine the layout or condition of rebar, be sure to contact Xradar for their services. 


SikaWrap 230C

SikaWrap 230 is a carbon fibre tissue used for repairing concrete. There are two different instalation methods Wrap: Dry Lay-Up or Wet Lay-Up. With a dry FRP strip, the material is 70% lighter with the same strength, and was recommended for this project. 

Since the monument is exposed to the elements, the Carbon fibers will need to be protected against UV rays. The wrap will be covered with SiaWrap Peel-Ply and coated in Sikagard Elastic textured base coat and Sikagard 550W Elastic. 

By doing an in-situ repair with a product that is relatively easy to install, the monument can be restored for a fraction of the price than a complete replacement of the pier. 



Our team is pleased to provide an innovative solution to the RCAF memorial in Brockville. The president of IN Engineering + Surveying has a unique connection to this project. His grandfather, Willem Melchers, was the person who manufactured and installed the connection between the plan and the pier.