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We were happy to be able to volunteer our civil, architectural and structural engineering expertise in order to construct a new building with change rooms, washrooms, a zamboni garage, canteen and picnic area.

Historical Recreation

In a recent project we paid homage to the now demolished Holy Trinity Church in Brockville, the P&G Pavilion at Rotary Park will have a small scaled down version of the old bell tower.

In order to make a historical recreation of the architectural features of the old bell tower we used Sketchup’s photo match tool to bring the tower from a 2D photo into a full 3D model.

The new building features:

  • 2 heated change rooms,
  • Zamboni Garage,
  • 2 washrooms (including a universal/accessible washroom),
  • Future space for a canteen, and
  • Public outdoor pavilion and sitting area.

This building will add more functionality to the covered outdoor rink. The tower is modelled of the Trinity Church which was demolished in 2018. The structure features a concrete block wall for resiliency and authentic timber framing from local craftsmen, Gibson’s Timber Frames.

Design Team

IN Engineering was pleased to offer Architectural and Engineering services for this project. We completed this project pro-bono as a way of giving back to the community. Our services included design, 3D modelling, rendering and engineering of the entire building complex. Additionally we worked with other local design professionals for Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (Mack Global Engineering) and Architectural review (CW Architects).


The project was a public-private cooperation between P&G and the City of Brockville. P&G Brockville has donated a significant portion of the funds to this project and much of it is being constructed with in-kind donations from local contractors.

Interactive 3D Model

The site and building were all fully 3D modelled in order to better visualize the ground and design a landmark building. The building features a resilient design that will serve the community for a long time.

Photo Gallery